Convert any text,blog post,news article to a human-sounding podcast with Listnr


Convert any text, blog post, news article to a human-sounding podcast with Listnr. Convert your blog articles or any text to a podcast,with very natural human speech using machine learning. However, making professional audio content like a podcast means investing tools, time, and expertise you don’t have. Luckily there is Listnr. Listnr helps you start a podcast in 70+ voices without recording anything. Simply add your text or blog article, and let Listnr convert it to very natural human speech using machine learning. Listnr converts texts into a podcast with the help of Speech Synthesis, you can paste any text into Listnr and the tool will convert it into speech in one click! There are over 70 voices available and new ones added frequently. Listnr has human-like voices in 17+ languages, dialects, and accents. From Australian English, to British English, to Vietnamese. Customize your audio using Listnr, by adding pauses, changing tone, emphasis, and much more! Use Listnr as a podcast hosting service, making it easy to distribute your work on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcast, and many other music streaming/sharing platforms.

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